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Laws Governing the Mauritius Marathi Cultural Centre Trust (MMCCT)

The MMCCT is governed by

  • the Mauritius Marathi Cultural Centre Trust Act 2001
  • the Statutory Bodies (Accounts and Audit) Act
  • the Public Procurement Act 2006
  • the Public Debt Management Act

Directives issued by

  • the parent ministry
  • the Prime Minister’s Office
  • the Ministry of Finance and Economic Empowerment; and
  • the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms

 Functions of the MMCCT

The Mauritius Marathi Cultural Centre Trust 2001 was set up under Act No 3 of 2001 as a statutory body under the ministry to which responsibility for the subject of arts and culture is assigned. The objects of the Trust as listed in section 4 of the Act are as follows:

  • To preserve and promote Marathi art and culture;
  • To promote the study of Marathi;
  • To manage the centre;
  • To collect, publish and disseminate information pertaining to Marathi art and culture;
  • To organise lectures, seminars, training, workshops, exhibitions and any other activities which will lead to a better understanding of Marathi art and culture;
  • To create facilities for documentation and research on Marathi art and culture;
  • To establish useful links with organisations engaged in similar activities locally and internationally;
  • To undertake any other activity which is cognate to the achievement of the above objects.

The Terms of Reference of the Sub Committees

The main tasks of the three sub-committees are as follows.

  • Finance Sub-Committee: to advise the Board generally on all matters concerning finance, budget, procurement, corporate governance and auditing.
  • Culture Sub-Committee: to advise the Board on the activities to be conducted for the organisation of forthcoming events for promoting Marathi arts and culture.
  • Education Sub-Committee: to advise the Board on activities for upliftment and welfare of Marathi students and Marathi teachers.
  • Heritage Sub-Committee: to carry out research on the heritage of the Marathi community.
  • Website Sub-Committee: to update and maintain the website.

The Marathi Trust forms part of Part II of the Schedule

Section 5 Appointment of Auditor
According to the Act establishing the MMCCT, the Director of Audit is the auditor for the Trust

Section 6A- Annual Report
Every statutory body shall cause to be prepared an annual report on its activities and final accounts of the past fiscal year.
With effect from 01 August 2010, the annual report should contain:

  • The 3-year strategic plan with Programme Based Budgeting
  • The annual estimates
  • Financial statements, outcome and outputs duly signed by Chairperson and other Board members
  • Corporate Governance Report

With the shift of the accounting year to the calendar year basis, the Annual Report for the transition report would be for the period 01 July 2009 to 31 December 2010. Thereafter, the annual report would be for the calendar year period.

  • Section 7 - Submission of annual report (effective 01 August 2010)

The Annual report should be submitted to the Board with two months from close of accounts. The report is subsequently submitted to Director of Audit not later than three months from close of accounts Director has 5 months to submit annual report and auditor report to Board On receipt of report from the auditor, Board should submit report to Minister within a month.

  • Section 8 - Auditor’s Report

This section deals with the contents of the report of the Director of Audit..

  • Section 9 - Board’s Report

Submission of Annual Report to Minister and National Assembly

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